I have a secondary source where I receive income

I have a secondary source where I receive income and I have only been doing this for less than 3 months, so when I received an email from Top CEO I was speechless  and very excited!!! I had reached a higher level in rank which Top Leaders from the company recognized me for my success.   It felt so rewarding reading everyone’s “Congratulations”  I wanted to share with you all the awesome “Team” that’s part of my life! Thank-You Everyone! Barb Hewitt!! Congratulations on hitting L1! http://lnkd.in/KqjdKj Hewitt L1 Leadership Rank…more


The Gentle Giant

A “gentle giant,”  the perfect name for the Dane, as the Great  Dane is nothing short of majestic. Sometimes  referred to as the “king of dogs,” this extremely large dog breed is known for being strong yet elegant, with a friendly,  energetic personality. Striking in the show ring, this breed is also popular as  a family pet. Coat colors can be brindle, fawn, blue, black, harlequin and mantle.

Great Danes have gentle and  loving dispositions, making them excellent family companions, but as with all  dogs, they should be supervised around young children. Daily exercise is  necessary, (make sure your walking them and they are not walking you), but their short coats require minimal grooming.

Working Group; AKC recognized in 1887.Minimum height of 30 inches tall at the shoulder for males and 28 inches tall for females. Boar hunter; that’s right, they were trained to hunt wild boar, perfect estate guard dog.  You’ll Always feel safe.  Love it!





Have you ever been here…

Have you ever been in a situation where all you wanted was to get the issue fixed so you could just move on?  I know you all have and maybe even more than once.   There is no number to call for help just email or live chat when available,  if ONLY you could talk with a live person and NOT through  an email.  Then to top it off, not to confuse matters more, we now have a 3rd party person involved!!!  Does it get any easier? 

Here’s for all you first time marketers getting your first time earnings with MLSP.  Don’t sign up with Pay Quicker UNTIL you get that first email from MLSP stating what to do.  You see, I never received that first email, and weeks went by, and then a month and still NO earnings being paid to me.  Trust me I had already changed their name to “Pay Slower”.  If you have an account with MLSP, you have to get your earnings though PQ, so I signed up.   WRONG!  Make sure that if you do not get instructions from MLSP, to hunt them down and get that email.  If you don’t—you will have your money out there in cyber space! Today enough was enough, so I started a chatt first thing this morning with a great lady named Emily with Pay Quicker,Thank-You Emily!   She tackled the situation for me and contacted MLSP and with in a few hours I received an email that stated, I Got Paid!!  Whooo Hoooo!!!

I will say this…after All the mess up and All the confusion and time wasted, once I put the transaction information in and got paid,  the Ahhh Haaa  moment came to me— the steps are so simple and easy to follow—If I only had the instructions!

Dane’s Rule!!

I love Great Danes!!  If any one you have ever owed a Dane then you know how awesome of a breed they are.  For one thing their size does NOT matter.  They think they can fit into any chair, couch, bed, car you name it, they are going with you.  The first Dane I owned was a fawn, his name was Duke, not my choice but we saved him from an abusive home and I fell in love with the breed and never looked at another breed.  He looked like a deer in our yard and he would chase the fright cars that would go through the field behind our home. The engineers would toot the horn just for him.  Two months after he passed  I got Ruger who I recently lost, he was the best dog from day one.  You know your one child that never gives you any pain, well that was my Ruger.  Goofy and super sweet, but if you did not belong, you best watch out!  Let me tell you, you don’t mess with any Great Danes family.  They love to sit on your laps, give you kisses and they will love you no matter what. I always felt safe  and never was afraid to be alone in the house. One day soon I will get another Dane, the next one I would like to get would be a harlequin, which are the biggest of the breed.  I can’t wait!!  Here’s to all you Dane lovers out there!

My first time blogging…

I never would of thought I would be blogging and here I am for my first time!!!  This is very exciting for me to be able to even step inside.  One of my mentors told me a while back, go set up a blog.  My first thought was, “I hate writing!”  Now I don’t like to begin with a negative and I was not giving any excuses, because I knew I would set one up, but it was the fear of English class.  “You want me to do what??”  Anyways here I am and you will see more of me.  Now if only I can get the terms down correctly, hmmm where is the glossary?