Have you ever been here…

Have you ever been in a situation where all you wanted was to get the issue fixed so you could just move on?  I know you all have and maybe even more than once.   There is no number to call for help just email or live chat when available,  if ONLY you could talk with a live person and NOT through  an email.  Then to top it off, not to confuse matters more, we now have a 3rd party person involved!!!  Does it get any easier? 

Here’s for all you first time marketers getting your first time earnings with MLSP.  Don’t sign up with Pay Quicker UNTIL you get that first email from MLSP stating what to do.  You see, I never received that first email, and weeks went by, and then a month and still NO earnings being paid to me.  Trust me I had already changed their name to “Pay Slower”.  If you have an account with MLSP, you have to get your earnings though PQ, so I signed up.   WRONG!  Make sure that if you do not get instructions from MLSP, to hunt them down and get that email.  If you don’t—you will have your money out there in cyber space! Today enough was enough, so I started a chatt first thing this morning with a great lady named Emily with Pay Quicker,Thank-You Emily!   She tackled the situation for me and contacted MLSP and with in a few hours I received an email that stated, I Got Paid!!  Whooo Hoooo!!!

I will say this…after All the mess up and All the confusion and time wasted, once I put the transaction information in and got paid,  the Ahhh Haaa  moment came to me— the steps are so simple and easy to follow—If I only had the instructions!

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