Don’t Hurt Your Business…

Nothing hurts a business more than having a bad reputation, something that can turn even the best business plans into disaster alarmingly quickly. Through negative word of mouth – publicity which spreads much faster than the positive – businesses can get a black mark against them that can adversely affect marketing and sales. Negative publicity is especially easy today because of so many available customer venues where opinions can be voiced about negative experiences with different companies.

In order to stay on top of any potential bad publicity, it is important to know how to avoid and correct any negative reviews and allow more positive opinions to be shared ahead of anything negative.


You want to respond to all good and bad reviews. Handle the negative, encourage the positive.   You’ll want to find out all you can about your prospect and build trust.  And by all means…stay Professional!

The best way to stay on track and avoid all this, is not to let it happen in the first place.


Naming any new puppy can be a challenge, at least for me it always is.  For starters, the name has to fit the breed as well as the personality, personality…., hmmm?   Pups usually can not be released from their mom until they are around 12 weeks old, which leaves us to discover their personality, you will have sort of an idea of their disposition,  but I need to name my puppy!  Now I know why a lot of owners as well as parents want to wait to name their young, to make sure their name fits their own personality.  You toss names around in your head, write them down on paper, you want to make sure you have the BEST and the most UNIQUE  name possible, and then to top it off you have to  see if you can shorten the full name, and does it sound right when you call the puppy,  you know— he has to grow up into his name, we all heard that before.  “Will he live up to his name”?  I’ve even put my kids in a contest to who can make mom happy with the “new” name.  We looked up on the internet for dog names, did you know you can choose from not only gender but tough names, funny names, cute names, biblical names, crazy names, cartoon names and even top names.  WOW, that was way too many names for me.  Crazy, I know, is it just me???  Oh, by the way, the last Great Dane, “Ruger”, that was the name my middle son came up with, it was the second name he said on his list and I said “that’s it, you can stop”, he told me, “No way, your going to hear them all”!!!  How funny, but you know what, Ruger it was! 

We now have a name, “Sherlock”, but Sherlock was suppose to be the name of the Harlequin Great Dane, that is when we find a Harlequin, but this Dane was black.  After calling him Sherlock for a day it just did not fit, so again,  we were upvfor suggestions.  I really liked “Argos” he was the faithful dog of Odysseus but then it hit us, Let’s call him, “Jigs”!   This puppy was Jigs for sure.  Now how did I come up with Jigs?  He was the Faithful dog of my late Father-In-Law when he was a small boy,  we’re talking over 100 years old dog, and Jigs fit this little puppy.  So Jigs it is. 

Now if only Jigs knew his name.

I did it again,,,

I did do it again without the oops, and very glad I did.  I went and rescued another Great Dane!!  It’s been about 1 and 1/2 years now since I had to put my other Dane “Ruger” down, and this one looks just like him, imagine that.  Jigs is all black with a little white marking on his chest, sort of like star track’s symbol that they wore pinned to their chest, and Jigs ears we’ll leave floppy. I named this one after my father in laws faithful dog “Jigs”.  We’re talking about a dog at least 100 years ago which back then my father in law was a young’n.  He took that dog with him as he hiked through the mountains up in Keyser WV.  So in “Honor” of them both, we now have “Jigs”.  Now Jigs is almost 4 months old and pretty much all he does is eat and sleep, out door duties of course, and he does that well, NO mess in the house, serious, I know, I was thankful.   I was really impressed how he took to us and is learning so quick.  He even sleep through the night in his own bed and NO cage.  I know what your thinking…am I nuts??  Honestly, Jigs is very well behaved.  Could not have asked for a better puppy.  I had all of Ruger’s old toys and bones, blankets you name it, so Jigs is putting it all to good use.  So far Jigs has seen his first deer with their young, a turtle, squirrels, birds of all kinds including 2 hawks, neighbors dog and a loud quad, which he did not appreciate and ran in the other direction like he just saw a ghost, too cute.  It’s so wonderful to have a puppy back in the house, which I thought it would of been at least a few more years till I got another Dane.  I guess it’s all bout the rescue that matters, would not of traded that for anything.