I did it again,,,

I did do it again without the oops, and very glad I did.  I went and rescued another Great Dane!!  It’s been about 1 and 1/2 years now since I had to put my other Dane “Ruger” down, and this one looks just like him, imagine that.  Jigs is all black with a little white marking on his chest, sort of like star track’s symbol that they wore pinned to their chest, and Jigs ears we’ll leave floppy. I named this one after my father in laws faithful dog “Jigs”.  We’re talking about a dog at least 100 years ago which back then my father in law was a young’n.  He took that dog with him as he hiked through the mountains up in Keyser WV.  So in “Honor” of them both, we now have “Jigs”.  Now Jigs is almost 4 months old and pretty much all he does is eat and sleep, out door duties of course, and he does that well, NO mess in the house, serious, I know, I was thankful.   I was really impressed how he took to us and is learning so quick.  He even sleep through the night in his own bed and NO cage.  I know what your thinking…am I nuts??  Honestly, Jigs is very well behaved.  Could not have asked for a better puppy.  I had all of Ruger’s old toys and bones, blankets you name it, so Jigs is putting it all to good use.  So far Jigs has seen his first deer with their young, a turtle, squirrels, birds of all kinds including 2 hawks, neighbors dog and a loud quad, which he did not appreciate and ran in the other direction like he just saw a ghost, too cute.  It’s so wonderful to have a puppy back in the house, which I thought it would of been at least a few more years till I got another Dane.  I guess it’s all bout the rescue that matters, would not of traded that for anything.