Naming any new puppy can be a challenge, at least for me it always is.  For starters, the name has to fit the breed as well as the personality, personality…., hmmm?   Pups usually can not be released from their mom until they are around 12 weeks old, which leaves us to discover their personality, you will have sort of an idea of their disposition,  but I need to name my puppy!  Now I know why a lot of owners as well as parents want to wait to name their young, to make sure their name fits their own personality.  You toss names around in your head, write them down on paper, you want to make sure you have the BEST and the most UNIQUE  name possible, and then to top it off you have to  see if you can shorten the full name, and does it sound right when you call the puppy,  you know— he has to grow up into his name, we all heard that before.  “Will he live up to his name”?  I’ve even put my kids in a contest to who can make mom happy with the “new” name.  We looked up on the internet for dog names, did you know you can choose from not only gender but tough names, funny names, cute names, biblical names, crazy names, cartoon names and even top names.  WOW, that was way too many names for me.  Crazy, I know, is it just me???  Oh, by the way, the last Great Dane, “Ruger”, that was the name my middle son came up with, it was the second name he said on his list and I said “that’s it, you can stop”, he told me, “No way, your going to hear them all”!!!  How funny, but you know what, Ruger it was! 

We now have a name, “Sherlock”, but Sherlock was suppose to be the name of the Harlequin Great Dane, that is when we find a Harlequin, but this Dane was black.  After calling him Sherlock for a day it just did not fit, so again,  we were upvfor suggestions.  I really liked “Argos” he was the faithful dog of Odysseus but then it hit us, Let’s call him, “Jigs”!   This puppy was Jigs for sure.  Now how did I come up with Jigs?  He was the Faithful dog of my late Father-In-Law when he was a small boy,  we’re talking over 100 years old dog, and Jigs fit this little puppy.  So Jigs it is. 

Now if only Jigs knew his name.

One thought on ““Jigs”

  1. Jigs will learn his name quick enough especially if you call him by name for his dinner. As to living up or down to a name that is a function of the value you teach someone to associate with the name. Any one name can become positive or negative, if society has it negative currently because of a recent bad example look into history to find some good or better great people with that same name and have that info ready to share with them if they can ask why did you name me this? in case of a dog, or other nonspeaking pet, treat and train it right with gentle corrections and it will turn out just great.. imo Selah

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